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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What to know when planning an event?

Do I need to obtain a permit for my tent?

Different municipalities have different requirements and fees for tent permits. Generally, permits can be obtained for $25 to $100.00. A certificate of insurance and tent flammability certificate are generally required from us to obtain a permit. We will supply that information to you or directly to the town upon your request. American Tent can also obtain the permit for you at an additional charge.

Do I need to call DIGSAFE prior to tent installation?

If there is any chance that underground utilities exist where the tent is to be placed then DIGSAFE needs to be called in accordance with Massachusetts state law. It is a free service. Call 1-888-DIGSAFE or dial 811 with at least three business days notice. Instructions as to how to proceed will be provided.

How much space do I need to set up my tent?

Frame tents generally require only 2-3 feet on each side while pole tents require ~ 5 feet on each side so that the tent may be secured to the ground. For example, a 20’x30’ frame tent would need a space of ~25’x35’ and a 40’x40’ pole tent would need an area of 50’x50’.

If I am not sure the tent will fit on the property, can you visit the site?

Yes, if there is any question at all as to whether a tent will fit on a property, we prefer to perform a site visit. Site visits are required for all deck tents and are performed at no cost or obligation to the customer.

Does it matter what type of ground the tent goes on?

Tents can be installed on all types of surfaces including grass, gravel, asphalt, decks, concrete, etc. In set-ups where stakes are not practical, 55 gallon water barrels are used to secure the tent. This requires a nearby water source.

Can tents be heated?

Tents of all sizes can be heated to create a comfortable environment. Depending on the size of your tent and the outdoor temperature, we can recommend a heater(s) that will permit use of the tent in most any weather.

Is use of a grill permitted under a tent?

No, the smoke from a grill will damage the fabric of the tent. All grills must be far enough away from the tent so that no smoke is allowed to enter the tent.

Do you have tents that I can self install?

Sorry, we do not. All of our tents must be set-up by our own field staff.

Does sidewall come with the tent?

No, in most cases, people are using tents in the warmer seasons when sidewall is not required. If you think you will need sidewall, it is available in solid, clear and French window styles at an additional charge.

When do the tent and/or accessories get delivered and picked-up?

Generally, we install the tent a day or two before the event and remove it the day after. However, we are always willing to work with the customer and/or property owner if different timing is needed. This can vary from same day service for delivery and pick-up to longer set-up times such as when more time is needed for decorating purposes. These arrangements can generally be done at no additional cost to the customer if made in advance.

What needs to be done prior to delivery of my tent?

First, we need adequate truck access to the site. Second, all obstructions such as lawn furniture must be removed so that a clear area is available for tent installation. If you are planning on mowing the lawn, it should be done prior to the installation. Third, any underground utilities (1-888-DIGSAFE), irrigation systems and septic areas must be clearly marked before we arrive on site.

What needs to be done prior to the removal of my tent?

All personal/non-leased items must be removed from under the tent. All leased items must be placed under the tent for pick-up. Any rented serving items including china, glassware, flatware, etc. must be rinsed clean (garden hose is sufficient) and placed back in their proper containers. Unless special arrangements are made, tents are only removed when dry.

Do you set-up the tables and chairs?

Advanced arrangements are required for table and/or chair set-up. Additional costs may apply.

Do I need to cover rental tables?

Yes, we have linens available for more formal occasions or you may purchase plastic or other types of covers from another supplier.

Am I responsible for missing or damaged items?

Yes, our staff will count the rental items at time of pick-up. Any damaged or missing items will be charged at replacement cost to your security credit card.

How do I get a quote for rentals for my party?

Since each event has its own special requirements, a custom quote is prepared accordingly. You may receive a quote by completing the on-line inquiry page or by phoning us for personalized service. We will provide a quote to you in most cases within 24 hours.

What do I need to do to place an order with you?

A 30% non-refundable deposit is needed along with a signed copy of our Lease Agreement. A MasterCard or VISA is also required for security. The balance is due before or at the time of delivery.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Minor changes such as adding or subtracting a table or several chairs is generally not a problem depending on inventory. Major changes such as changing the size of your tent just prior to your event is generally not acceptable and needs to be discussed ASAP. Cancellations more than 4 weeks before the event require 50% payment of the contract amount. Cancellations within 4 weeks of the event are subject to full payment.

Are rentals subject to tax?

Yes, all rentals are subject to Massachusetts sales tax (currently 6.25%). Delivery charges, if applicable, are not subject to tax.


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